How to apply for a passport.

After launch of PSK many people having trouble in apply for a passport and taking appointment. I am going to describe a step by step process ” How to apply for a passport “.

Step 1: Visit the from your browser.

Step 2: Click register in the upper right hand side of the site.

how to register in passport seva portal

Step 3: Fill up the given form in CAPITAL letter and again click register in the register. You will get the confirmation ” You have been registered successfully “.

get Register in passport seva portal

How to get register in passport seva portal

Step 4: Now click home in the upper left hand side of the site and then click login just below register in the passport seva website.

Step 5: Now fill up the User id which you have created in the register process and click continue.

Step 6: Enter the Password and Captche ( Reasoning Picute) and click continue. Now you have to fill the Passport application form. There are two types of application process. Online and offline. I am going with offline as it has many benefits but I am not going to explain it now.

Step 7: Click ” Download e-Form ” under services tab in the left hand side below Applicant Home tab.

download passport e form and get passport appointment

Step 8:Now download the e-form by clicking the link in the image below.

download passport e form in india

Step 9: After download the application form right click on the downloaded zip and click extract here.

How to extract passport application form

Step 10: After extract open the form Fill it correctly in CAPITAL letter.

Step 11: Now its time to save the form but cross check it before saving. Now click ” validate and save “. After click a warning pop ups The form data will be saved click ” ok “. It will generate a xml file. Save it and remember the path of the xml file.

Step 12: Now again login to passport seva website and click upload e-form just below download e-from.

Step 13: Choose the xml file by clicking ” Choose File ” and click upload.

Step 14: If you have done everything correctly then you will get the confirmation Your form has been submitted successfully.

Step 15: Your next work is to get the appointment. For getting the appointment just call us at 8001645417. We book appointment for all over India.

Step 16: Once we will book a slot for you take a print of the appointment and reach PSK with all the documents and fees in cash. Now I am going to disclose some internal matter of the PSK. They tell everyone to report sharply to the PSK but always visit the PSK 30 minutes late so that you don’t have to stand in a line.

One more thing that don’t forget to carry additional documents.


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