Passport applicant are facing difficulties.

There is no end of worried of Passport applicant seeking online application. The unannounced change is harasshing  the applicant trying for online slot booking. This type of problem has been facing in Gorakhpur and Lucknow.

This is because some change has been done by PSK. According to the news they are planning to give online slots for five days instead of 15 days. This means that if applicant applying for passport appointment on 1 January then one will get the date between 1-6 January. Even there is no notice is written in the website so applicant are facing many problems.

The PSK website showing the message that currently no slots are available for the selected PSK and they are directly redirecting them to schedule appointment after November 30th.  Even we can book slots for you for the PSK having the problme that no slots are available. If you are facing same problem. Call 8001645417 and forgot ” How to get passport appointment ? “.


Applying for passport ? How to get online appointment ?

We had a passport apply due, and we took the online process for passport application. Filling up the forms was simple. So was uploading the one document that was necessary, given that the address had changed. Getting an appointment at the Passport Seva Kendra, was tricky though. On several occasions, we got the message that all passport slots were over and we should try the appointment on following day at 6 pm. After frustrating attempts over several days, we decided to try at exactly 6 pm. It worked. If you try even 15 minutes later, you could fail.

At the Passport Kendra, people are let in only when their appointment time is due (there are about six such times during the day, and you can choose which you want when you seek the appointment). There is no mechanism outside the building to ensure people can go in a single file, so when the crowd is let in, there is a chaotic rush to the main door. But once inside, there are neat queues and a good ambience.

The first point is a token counter, where young, largely pleasant, women look at your documents and decide whether you have everything in order. And if you do, you are given a token number, which is then used for all other checkpoints. It took about 30 minutes for our turn to come. We had gone with a telephone e-bill as evidence of the new address. The lady told us that was unacceptable, that we should get an original bill (given that we are today so used to e-bills, we assume those are original, but the government thinks otherwise) or we should have the e-bill stamped and signed by the service provider.

When we questioned an official of TCS, the company that runs the entire technology backbone and much of the front end of the passport service, as to why the website does not make it clear that e-bills are not accepted, the official said they had requested the government to incorporate the message on the website but had not received the permission from the government to do so.

We came back, got the e-bills sealed and stamped, got another appointment a few days later. This time everything went off smoothly. The Kendra is very well laid out with nice, ample waiting areas; there’s even a baby care room. There are big LCD screens that flash your token number when your turn comes, and tells you which counter to go to. In what is called the A zone, you are asked to verify the details that you filled in online. Then your photograph is taken (no need to carry your own photographs, except if you need the passport for a baby), as are your fingerprints. This process was delayed a bit by a power outage that forced a system reboot; clearly, the UPS wasn’t working properly.

In the B zone, an officer verifies your documents once again. In the C zone, your passport is granted. There were fewer officials manning the C zone, so that took an inordinately long time.

It took us about three hours to complete the process, but it was a largely pleasant experience.

Chandra S, who went through a similar passport reissue process recently at the Marathahalli Kendra, had this to say: “It was a pleasant experience. No standing in queue to get the forms, dealing with touts etc. It took about 2 hours. And the most commendable thing was that since there was no change in any of my particulars, the passport was re-issued within a week, even prior to the police verification, which will happen later.”

The Bangalore Kendras were the pilot projects, but now about 40 Kendras are live across the country. These process some 9,000 applications a day. There are also call centres to handle problems, and they take some 10,000 calls a day in 9 languages.

The passport issue duration is said to have come down dramatically. We’ve been told we may get it in 15 days. If that happens, it would indeed be a sea change from the past.

How to get the passport appointment.

How to get the Passport appointment this is the most common question which has been asked by every individual who wants to make the pass port. Getting the online SLOT is the most common problem faced by every user who wants to make the passport in India. There are mostly the two reasons for which government converted the application procedure online.

1. To reduce the crowd from Passport office window

2. Make the Passport application much easier so that everyone will able to book the application themselves & stay out of the agents.

However, Government has able to solve the first problem but in case of second one they are completely failed. As ” How to get the passport appointment ” or ” Unable to get the passport appointment ” or ” How to book the passport appointment ” is still the main problem for all the individuals. This is the toughest job while making IT so, they still have to take the help from agents. But now a day the place of agents has been taken by the unemployed computers experts & they are doing everything legally.

Now I know that there is one question arises in your mind that Why I told this everything is happening legally?

I told it legally because it is much different from of-line system. In of-line making system agents having good approach to the officers of PSK and they can make your pass port without the presence of the person even you don’t have to visit the PSK once. Even they make it quicker than the common people. Even any individual can’t verify that weather their given pass port is original or not. Today at least they are secure that pass port is 100% original because they must have to visit PSK. There is one more reason that I told this legally that now the main work of the appointment experts is to taking slot only and experts uses the same way which every individual uses but the difference is this that appointment experts are expert in their work but individuals are not. So experts are not doing anything unauthentic but agents are doing as I described before.

So I am an Passport appointment expert and if you having the question that ” How to get the passport appointment ” and you are unable to get the slot don’t worry just  Call 8001645417 for appointmen all over India.